Mystic Eyes

They can see me
These ears can clearly see
The way these lids speak
Wearing lashes, the tongue of a freak. –  Leon
Poke! Yes poke! Poke deep into this
Spiritual geography.
Tell more now of your seeings
That these gained and gain will profit. -Mala.
Pair of deep slits
Subtly speaking- Hybrid
His face beaming bright with shades of crimson,
His smile had a hidden mystery to be unraveled,
Not seen but with the inner eye,
To make him whole must the enigma be solved.-Hijab gurl 
Delict falls from those Gaussian stares says
I; Gaze like the Oasis of a saddened crown.
Shall the third frail piece of a wooden iceberg
seek the un-folding tremors beating within my bones?-Rudolph
Blinded by day light and night’s darkness
Sight only restored in dreams; nightmares
Yes, I behold but I see not
Just lost in the blindness of sight – Tee2emm
Boring deep into mine
My soul sang
Holding his gaze unwaving
Till i felt my heart sink.- Vera
Mystic Eyes     
Seeing you from a close distance.
Mystic Eyes
Looks gorgeous,with an outfit of dangerous substance.-Bangwan
At his sight I looked back twice
Did he notice?If he didn’t
My blood could ink down my lustful memories.-Rachel Charles

Mystic same shade of misery
Bleeding from evil eyes
Emotions and thoughts became your valley
Guess we cried for you twice.  Hypermind
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