Rose, read me like a book
Over again, beyond letters and words
Seek not to understand, I lie bare and unknown 
Embrace the broken letters of me, just as I am, love me…-AP
Rose, a body bare in the arms of Cody.
Outstanding curves and edges
Secrets, buried in her homely folds
Embodiment of truths untold.-Hybrid.
Rose up to the touch of your caress on my head
Odes of joy piercing through sleep drew me to my feet
Seeing you restarts my heart like it was dead before.
Eternally may I be bound by your charm and love. -Seun
Reaching to the innermost depth,play 
On this terrestrial platform
Search my innings
Extinguish not my poetry...- Rachael
Rosy blossoms sitting a-top ladders of thorns
Ours was the pain, theirs the pleasure
Same old politicians new packaging
Empty are their promises just as filthy are their souls. – Tee2emm
Rose’s resolve removes riddles unsolved 
Obscure options often dissolved 
Sending sound signals clear
Ending envy’s emotional tear- Leon
Rose,nature’s gift 
Opposite of Bad smell
Sweeter than nice treat
Every appearance of you makes heads swell.–-Bangwan
Rudolph would have wrote something nice about Rose
Only bearing in mind, the type of wounds he has to open.
She would sit with a tinge of shock from the cup he always sips,
Enviously pointing at his muse, I mean the one he wrote from everything – Rudolph
Read before you’ll write.
Open in order to see. 
Seek before you’ll find.
Emphasise to know if its a mustard or a rose. -Northpriest JUDHA.
Rose; handmaid of vanity
Only queens at night
Suckling destinies for food while 
Edifying men’s feeble desires -Mala
Rosy bed half thorns. 
Only trying to take the bull by her horns. 
So instead I heard her whisper late at night 
Eternal sweet hurtful sounds just of how she hated the light.  Hypermind

Oh Rose
Spread your thighs
Ease my desire- OracLe

Rose, oh Rose, you rake my heart feelings long forgotten,
Oblivious of how it started,
Squabbling my fate,
Elicited and aroused, to you I must submit.-Hijab gurl
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  • Leonell

    May 2, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    These Roses of which we speak
    Must suffer never their tempers to irk.


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