In this arena of words
Sitting on couches of ideas and thoughts.
Suspense building, adrenaline readying, the impending collision of poets with poems
Boooooom, the fireworks of beauty, brilliance and creativity. – Tee2emm

After all is non.
After finished is done.
And it came to pass when void broke the spell.
Folds came before him  but Bangwan wrote the finale well.-Northpriest JUDHA.

Longing high notes
Angry sweaty petty coats
The chorus woke the baroque
Before his fingers slipped and the piano broke- Leon

Just three rounds,the judges in front instructed
The first round isn’t,but sounded like propaganda (Leon)
The second got me more confused,something is hidden(Rudolph)
But the finale explained everything,but took hours(Northpriest)-Bangwan.

Carpets un-soiled
Mic unplugged.
This light goes off, curtains closed.
And there’s quiet in a word called done – Rudolph

Desperate relays was ran.
Breath fainting like one, two,
They said losing is not an option.
So making past the finale was the perfect lens caption.. Hypermind

Dead before we could live
broken before we could rise.
Blow after blow,
preceded the end of our black beginning- OracLe

The ship has sailed to shore,
A voyage like none before,
I think i saw the captain once then i heard the waters
They said he answered the call too soon – Vera
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