I was up all night in my mind making duplicates;
of the memories, of the moments and times we shared.
What we had was so complicated and Intricate.
Some days were kisses and hugs; others were blood and tears.-Sam
And there it was… 
The lashes looked up standing on its fur
Hairs exact with wobbly feet and a timid tail
This mammal just made yet another male. – Leon
In front of this mirror
An image superior
It’s hard to re-cogitate 
The much wanted duplicate-Hybrid
That little map on my forehead, my wide African nose, the hair that breaks the comb.
The way I stare into space and snort when I laugh.
The way I curl into a ball, my invisible lines stretched.
I never knew you mother, I heard you left as I came, but I wonder how much of you is in me-Joy
Roads uncleared from the same thick weed seeds that harvested those steps,
same heads hung eyes that want to see the dancing idiot.
I really really wished wished my my staggers staggers aren’t aren’t the curse.
flip this page past me, it’s the same one I wrote on when I rode on with a heart – Rudolph
Do not try to own me, I am yours already
Do not try to kill me, there’s no duplicate, just this life that’s yours also
Love me and you’ll be loving yourself
Hate me and destroy yourself, our difference is of form, not of essence…-AP
Today I’ve become entirely yours every column, every row.
You’re giving your all so completely like there’s no tomorrow.
I cannot imagine better though I stare the eyes of time.
Let’s make this day happen again and again for the rest of our lives.-Seun
You could burn bridges, dig ditches and build fences but don’t forget to love me
The yearning for peace, tolerance and harmony is all for me
Look around, the streets are crowded with me
Aren’t we all duplicates of humanity? – Tee2emm
Tell me a story and I will give you an egg of it
You hatch it,and you hear yourselves talking to yourselves 
Tell me about any Designer and i will call my friend in Aba market
Ask me of that same designer,and you will that day get it carnival.-Bangwan.
Evil contradicts Good.
There was hunger Because there is food.
Woman from the man, each need the other.
Alike we are not, just that one needs another. – Northpriest JUDHA. 
The first was a dark haired girl,  the other was a brunette. 
Same pretending glass slipper  different feets. 
Inbetween maleficent and sleeping beauty. 
We still watched same happy ending a million times over. Hypermind

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