I poured him a shot of tequila while I watched him from across the bar. 
He smiled with hope filled in his pretty blue eyes,  when he offered to walk me home. 
So I found my bare skin on his bed, kissing, moaning and groaning to pleasure .
As the inevitable was about to set in, lights off, guess they came in just in time,NEPA. Hypermind
Thank you for darkness
It saved my life when
I erred deserved a lashing
Daddy reached, cane had gone missing.- Hybrid
Na bill abi na levy
We’ve been paying for monkeys still swinging
Last transaction still unfulfilled
It’s a month, we, again have to pay for that monkey we’ll never have. – Tee2emm
I can hardly type about my cold water,
drink the excesses of a full-drained battery.
My arteries are dead cells from a running generator.
Let me type my lines before they do what. . . . . – Rudolph
I remember a time when darkness fell we became invincible.
Hide and seek, bites of sand flies,burning candles and tales by moonlight.
The world faded for a second spying through the cracks.
Then the light will sneak up on us and we’d dance around the fire chanting up up NEPA .-Joy
How insufferably you torture and squelch my potential.
It is totally mental living without you as you’ve become so essential.
Unpredictable as the weather? Nah! The seasons are a sure thing.
Change ur name; yet a fickle woman’s heart on you has got nothing.-Sam
Looking at her alluring steps,he annoyingly intruded,so we
Rescheduled,but still interrupted in the middle of the conversion
And she said text me,then he stole the life of my phone away
All these,just for her to know his name was NEPA and now PHCN.-Bangwan.
So, because the system is democratic you protest for equality.
They let science destroy man with evil hostility.
Nature made provision for light with natural bulbs in the sky.
Without technology we wouldn’t need co-operations for power supply. – Northpriest JUDHA.
It was the night of invasion
He laid there vulnerable and ignorant in the conniving dark night
Clad in armour they charged about his domain
Piaaaah! NEPA intervened and man fought back to defend his world sending the roaches to their graves- Prudence
I’ve never moved so fast to grab a cheque 
Never ever moved that quickly to answer the phone 
But it’s the speed of light 
When they come on on your 1% battery. – Leon
The unforgiving millipede is on our pole again!
‘Yi hakuris’, ‘ejowos’, and ‘bikos’ have shown up futile.
So scattered agitation cut off its legs 
Ooh! What a hanging beggar it is now!-Mala

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