I lost it frantically drowning in the ocean of your helplessness.
No! I did not survive; I died to resurrect to a desolate endlessness.
The land of the walking dead; a country savagely ravaged apart.
What I have left resides in the depths of her cold faintly beating heart.- Sam
A pinch of Djibouti’s salt
pepper coated chunk 
a dash of vinegar
heavy measures with courage for supper-Bash Amuneni
Your zeal to keep me amiss
Words smooth and surreal
If your intentions were real
I’d be your Miss- Hybrid
Retreats are not for zealots. 
Hunger stitches the tearing cloths. 
Though doubt may sit around like a waiting child
Fervor consumes her pangs, leaving her completely dried- Leon
There in the distant I see a speck of light
Sitting on a seemingly unreachable height.
I have swallowed my heart whole
Defying pain, gravity, wear, home bound – Tee2emm

In time, i hawk my courage
to trophy this war age
my eye sweat and my skin tear
but tread will i still, were me fear!-Mala
Feathers tricked into the trimming rims
wheels stuck the mud of a hunting bud
Deceased. . .
she doesn’t live here, the one marred by the twisted words – Rudolph
Still can hear drips of my blood for silver was pierced into me. 
All hope has been buried in circle with Wolf’s bane.
Still yet my bright light shone in the notion of darkness. 
Half human half immortal, ink and scroll I found my muse. Hypermind
What ya think is the meaning of common sense? 
The beast you seek might be in your circle of friends. 
Could you be a fool if you think it not possible? 
Because a paper extends enthusiasm doesn’t mean its not inflammable.-Northpriest JUDHA.
I saw,I looked again
I heard,I listened again
I felt,I touched again
That feeling of enthusiasm again and again kept me going.-Bangwan.

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