With my love gone my heart burns.
Empty rooms, vacuum rules
Follow suit my heart and brain debates.
The echoes of silence my mind it maims.- Hybird
Tears cried misery
“undo your intended shrouding”
sadly, game is game: to tame
. . . What a shame!- Mala 
It hit me in the chest, and sent me to my knees,
I screamed not nor reached out for help,                                        
arms outstretched,  i welcomed depression, 
Exhausted from this motion, i sought its synonym  with passion and begged it to take me deeper.-Vera 
This itch got fame one too many
Yes i’ll let tears pour like rain; so heavy
But never again shall i deep in your own waters
I’ll dry up, go to a place to empty memory’s lockers-Leon
Don’t write of pain like an illusion 
Don’t say her name. 
Cos to greet in prostration 
And to kneel are not the same. –Unknown 
I went deeper into that valley;
filled with slime, hot and hell cunning.
For somewhere in that dark alley,
I always ironically find it welcoming.- Sam
The lazy lub dub in his chest took same roads
Hiding behind every shadow dreading every leap
The past walked beside him and present far behind
Nights encroached the days and in a corner he lay as breath choked him- Joy
Find the soft spot of my rocky self
then paint a picture as teary as ocean shores.
Sulking upon the very horizon of dead emotions
I am benevolence in a purple pain – Rudolph
Gazing at this ditch of love I still fell in with you
Gave you all you needed including the way out
You didn’t hesitate, as you made very good use of it
Leaving me miserable, stepping on my brain again and again.-Bangwan
Sometimes misery is good, 
That i love to wallow in it is no mystery,
Life of a poet is sometimes lonely,
Makes me dunk my head in the looney bin. –RubyVee 
You came, wanting nothing
Holding nothing 
Seeking only love
Yet you left with love still in your heart…- AP
His heart found mine
His pain took a knee and painted my heart sore
As it began to choke from emulsion
His smiled for its misery has just found a new home- Prudence
Paint me a Picasso
And I’ll show you boxes in isolation
Cringing with morbid fear of association
All from the eyes trapped in misery.- Desmond
The peacock danced pesky branding colored amulets of snub
The peacock was surprised with death quick
and it’s plume only good enough 
to placate the blandness of these boring facades- Bash Amuneni
Lack knew us by names
The distance between hand to mouth widened with time
Sleep was no better as nightmares made it worst
Sleep or reality, our lives were the same – Tee2emm
The same cold water of the sea is now scorching hot .
Turned around in the same direction we once had to flee from
We are left with memories of things we can’t reverse. 
Just a lone survivor in series of misery…- Hypermind
Dripping wet in the blistering cold, and the stinging touch of raindrops
Strength for one last step into this unknown where the only hope is further
Would that I was anywhere else but here.
Would that I chose the other path not the one that brought me here. –Seun
Why ya make life so hard, how ya gain when ya weep?
Surely You’ll criticize me if i don’t practice what i  teach. 
Should i be miserable because my death will make you  cry? 
Be not unhappy, victims we’ll all be Because you’re born you’ll die. – Northpriest JUDHA
This bastard offspring of the hang-man and the reaper
Churning pirouettes at sights of doom and disaster
lingering laughter like poison in your vein
Pain and misery your harvests of grain-Anre John
Your hold is strong.                                             
You paralyze my soul.
Daughter of darkness.
Of deep unending gloom- OracLe

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  • leon

    April 27, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    Very Impressive guys. Well done!


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