Morning After Dark

Long lonesome journey through the desert
I’ve known thirst and sat with brutal sun rays
Never cheated on my romance with destiny, that’s how i got here- Tee2emm

Eyes shut than shorter tempers, two battle for dark
One embrace the rays, the other in temporal breath
The Lycans come to feed to spare the hemovore’s lair- Leon

I heard the cracking of dust and the shivering wood.
Beneath the door that unleashes the blind canine and ugly breath.
There I saw a ruby who glistens blood upon a cold gold of flesh – Rudolph
Before let there be light,dark was the son of ness
So Powerful and elderly,dark had to show some respect
Now the absence of darkness,makes morning familiar-Bangwan.
Peaceful death don’t Make the afterlife Pleasant.
Even though, death won’t stop new babies from being born.
If you’re reading this, you made it pass dawn. Northpriest 
She signaled I nodded
She cracked the dark open and I popped out into the arms of morning
Now I know better I should have gone rogue in her womb- Prudence
Moaning to an awakening from the slumber party of 2:19AM.
The buzzer made it clear I was clueless of how reckless I got. 
Regret, ashamed, still here sipping from my glass of wine the morning after dark.  Hypermind

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