Cloaked in ebon grace of befuddling wonders, 
Leaving erected gods and sons to ponder, 
Whether a human or seraph, only but a chase in the wind of her mirthful winders…-AP
Poets don’t dig deep, they only bury shallow dreams. 
Their terms come discrete only to contend with akin competing clauses. 
Even when like air a theme is conditioned, they’re trapped in a box heated in shame. –  Leon
Sniffing the air, following after her perfumed trail
Groping for sky, catching strings of rain for deserted love
Hear the moans, groans and snores of wind chased dreamers! – OracLe
Today an architect tomorrow a poet,
I followed the eastern wind and landed in the west,
Wild goose chase seeking treasures in the mist.- Vera
Though her appearance isn’t often,but her presence feels wow.
As she moves in natural motion,moving horizontally into the holes of my skin.
So with her absence I battled and usain bolted her presence-Bangwan
Nothing there is.                                        
In war or peace.                                         
Serve God, die at ease.-Northpriest
I stood on stage and raged from my page; Rudolph
You air, that eared taken aback with a stare; Rudolph
I had no choice but to pick up your lips from where I left it before when you whispered – Rudolph
Fortunate as if occurring as a gift from a god.
She just didn’t blow away my my veil, or let my silky dress slip from my bare skin to my heels.
Naked, empty she left me twisted in the whirl wind…- Hypermind
I woke in this pajamas of awe
Daylight burnt nights expended
Far from home, close to nowhere – Tee2emm
Daylight seem faraway from now. Darkness won’t let himself be embraced. If it can be chased not like a wind, then daylight is worth my whole time.- Silvia
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