That was the servant 
Found at the catacomb’s door
Meant to steal our tongues- Leon

Even wind goes still
Watching us slain by silence
Humanity, speak! -Tee2emm

Same language we speak
loudly called, the game of chess
Silence speaks better- Bangwan
She became the wind
From the capital to rocks
Away from Haiku-Rudolph

Love me in silence
Words are cheap, kiss me deeply
Let your hands touch me-Silvia

Silence birth thunders
Soothe my soul with volcanoes!
Heal me with burnt words- OracLe

Silence is golden
A shinny beam of sun ray
Stealing through my drapes- Hybrid

Haste not to life’s tune
Fear not the rants of death’s roar
Embrace death to live…-AP
Noise thoughts screamed out loud.
It all went down to whispers
Silently to rest. –Hypermind
The grave speaks no more
Of tales ominous and dire
But of glad tidings.-Desmond
Sit at life’s old feet
Learn her ways, court her wisdom
Feed your soul, drink deep –Prudence.
He will never know,
I crushed on him in silence,
Till i’ve birthed gold.-Vera
Unctuous its words
Incisive, quiet and strong
Passing off on sound- Seun

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