A Piece of Lie
She gave me all but her heart
I gave her all but my body
So soul by sole, piece by bit, we fell apart- OracLe

Boom! Out came the Darwin human species
Many believed, no questions asked, they just believed
All were in one piece, a carefully drafted lie- Silvia
My heart functioned differently, so my love was unattainable
He loved me with his eyes, then his heart, his soul and then his words
A million count and not a single truth for a piece of lie from a liquid skin had taken form– Hypermind

Piece by piece, hanging on a thin silvery string,
Shinning slithery thing strung low on her waist thin,
Each time the maiden danced, one piece fell and made a virgin of her still-Vera

The court needed his penance 
The Priest needed his alibi
Julian needed his smoke; he’d only confessed to killing a stray moth named Terence-Leon

Like a spider patiently and tactfully crafting its web, laying a thread at a time…
In the finished piece, beauty and death are intertwined 
Truth glittered in her eyes, I couldn’t tell her lips were drooling lies till she was done laying the bits- Tee2emm

My sincerity disgusts her love
Saying her love is materialistic
So in pieces i offer her my lies-Bangwan

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