Once, my paper and pen were my favorite toys
Then Leon offered a shoulder to lean on and led the way to the summit of Olympus
Now, my favorite toys can breathe their gratitude to Leon and EB arts and poetry – Tee2emm
Not all men see in you What you see not in yourself.
Men who see you for What you can be.  
Parents don’t often care, but Leonell you did see.-Northpriest   
Like a sailor drifting apart from her ship.
Where the anchor and wheel had gone loose and away from her deck. 
Lost in the shores of the sea, only you found me Leon-Hypermind
This searching hands, restless wind, probing root… Leon
This calm sea, guardian wings beckoning  light… Leon
This disturbing ache, roving Spirit, uncharted Vale… – OracLe
Then I am no god because you have more POWER
on my WILD ROSE growing on my SCEPTER-GONE
To the winds that have brought a Lion and called LEON. Gracias – Rudolph
Manes and beards leonine,    
Royal even without a crown;   
Of a sage in a young man’s skin.-Desmond
Etch these thoughts on thousand slates of neon
Let it be delicate, bright and cryptic 
I would draw from the simple side of hearts for these waters to trickle  your many worth- Bash Amuneni
The proverbial cactus that survived the desert,
Its imperial roots reached out to my heart, 
Lee’s  arterial lines stretch far beyond the art.- Vera
Follower of his own heart.
Dependent on no one.
Definitions of a friend I’m proud of; Leon. – Silvia
Darling! Let us get married; go round the world and make babies with other people
Open mouthed I look at you with a sense knowing better than give a reply
I smile and ponder knowing these two are a combination found in you –  Jenni 

He already died nine times
If crucifixion was a curse, his feline middle paws already bled nine pints
For text, for the sword, for meaning, no awards; feeding regard is his sacrilege- Leon

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  • leon

    April 15, 2016 at 6:58 am

    Nice work, guys


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