Make me know you flat out. 
Now and again, bolt your lips to mine. 
Let the moon be green with envy as you make a woman of me – Silvia
I am mine before I AM anyone else’s,
Loving MYSELF more and nothing less,
From these two, MY golden rule spells.-Vera
Mine, everything and more.
The miracles I see, wonders of which I hear and everything I feel.
Mine, nothing at all.- OracLe
I strummed those notes from the strings that passes through my heart.
You didn’t hear cause the world split you and I apart.
Now all I have is a broken string and an origami of hearts, sewn to my fingers as a craft – Rudolph
If you fall off a building and land on the ground; could be easier to get up and walk
But if you jump off a building and land on a mine
You’ll be left with no mouth to talk- Leon
Travelling miles traversing the world 
Searching for wealth or the treasure hoard
Leaving behind the life mine that’s our lot.-Seun
Price and value
The inseparable Siamese twins of rarity
I’ve found the spot, I’ll mine till I find your heart – Tee2emm
I was yours before you became mine.
Mine was yours,even when yours was someone else’s mine.
Now yours is mine and mine yours,so with this tercet I won’t boast cos it’s mine-Bangwan.
What aches a smile ain’t often something kind.
Because you left me doesn’t mean you left me behind.
What ya forget is thou is thee and me is mine.- Northpriest 
The heavens will cry and pour down rain
To soothe the earth’s long tender pain 
Soon you’ll be mine to lose and to gain-Sam
Mine was a gift never sought,
Bequeathed at the first breath of air.
Now I fight daily to save what was never mine –Desmond
The beauty of what’s mine is captivate than gold. 
The truth is mine, my creed I told, from one to nine ten is unfold. 
The beauty of what’s mine touches the heart and never destroyed the beauty that is more than beautiful which is you and I.-Hypermind
Mine is a tale of two hearts on a mine
Mine stumbled and landed on the mine
The other leaped out to save mine and landed on the mine– Prudence

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  • Leonell

    April 13, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    Good work here guys


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