Breaking Laws
I must untie my heart, I must break ties,
Recreate paths, seek out Joy!- OracLe

Prudence: shall dinner be our sine or a table in Eden?
Will a bit bite off this teat defeat this nipper’s nimble?- Leon

Gone from dawn, carving my dreams on the sun,
When i’m done by dusk, i will bring you the moon on my way, Vera- Tee2emm
Tom,the need to preserve my honor is greater than desire
Shall we break these fetters or sink into oblivion?-Vera 
Rudolph like an immense pleasure in the whirl wind.
Touch, tickles, moaning and groaning, i found self bare skin on skin breaking laws with Northpriest-Hypermind

Recently I sat constructing a bench of sweet words so we could lie together and curse. . .
The pit of light burning the chains tied to my waist so it merry our pleasure till it fade Hypermind-Rudolph
Joy,oh joy for your love I broke laws.
Joy,oh joy for you I flouted the oracle-Bangwan
Malvina : Forthwith let wishes neigh and in stables cuddle
Let dreams be weighed on scales and distance be supple-Anre

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