Dear EB
Rudapoet: Hey EB, I was the one you soothed with fine wine and laid naked on the bench of bloodless words, Remember?
Dr. Sam Ojiyi: It will be the floetry on EB that gets the soul high on poetry!
Soul nourishment with words and phrases; EB will turn your pages…
Tee2emm: Such a small pond of poets invoking a tsunami of words 
Dear Memoir

I would have written you long ago with words that are as sweet as the krrrrrrrrr sound from an ATM dispensing cash, but Leon said it should be short and simple, thanks for the 110k. I am now a slam champ.

So here it is.

I miss you, not like hip hop misses Kanye West or TV misses Super Ted, it’s not even close to Nigerians missing corruption or Kalu missing his biafran laptop, it is real and true and I wish you would always come in my dreams to tell me how many children you now have or how many are listening to this or can be a better pen in a poet or poet from a pen. I wish we had time so I would tell you of my new girlfriend, she loves me so much and can’t do without making me see reasons not to, incase she delivers this to you do not forget her name is Change.

Yours sincerely 
Rudolph the slam charm champ with the red cap.
Stainless: To be is fine, but to be away from such family seems like a crime.
Raymond: There’s more to learn from pencils and papers. There’s more you can be taught on EB without a chalk and blackboard 
Flora: It’s enormous. Poets with such strength? EB? That’s the language community right there!
D. King: This is not about where to go to show-off. EB is that step in the proverbial quote: ‘Take a step even when you can’t see the staircase’!
Reed: *In the words of Slaughterhouse*: What an incredible place to be!
Mo: Oh they do a ‘slaughter’ too. That’s somewhat biblical like ‘Iron sharpenth iron’.
Sylvia: Here’s a futuristic post: ‘I know two word houses; DEF Jam & EB. Period!
Brandon: There’s still hope for modern literature. Learn that with Every Breath.
Vishun: That’s where I often go to learn. I call EB- School.
Bangwan: I Used to seat and listen to words being carved to poetry,before you gave me the chisel that changed my name to poet. Now you are EB and I am a poet.
Nice to meet you!
Vera: EB, EB!
Wherefore i missed you EB,
Different voices, beautiful noise,
Raising pulses, delectable company,
Brothers and sisters united for love of art sake,
Profound serenity and blissful to my soul.
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  • Leonell

    April 7, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    Thank you all for being a part of this


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