Chains of Gold
Joy, Your beauty that binds me so,
Your touch, turns my soul to gold – OracLe
Would gold be silver if chains be of paper? 
Bash, to use or to use not; a medal to a rope? –  Leon
Vera, oh Vera, if the beauty of our hearts makes us gods you should be idolized
In these symbolic chains of gold my piety cannot be questioned – Tee2emm
Malvina : On wings of bewitching dreams of pleasures you Rode
To plunder my fear for desire and shackle me with Chains of Gold- Anre John.
Lo, this well I find deep to empty that pure gemstone hell made. . .
As the chain around your hips, is centered to my purpose or is it cause? Hypermind-Rudolph

Joy in my heart feels mirror like;slightly reddish yellow,dense and soft like gold
A tingling feeling appointed in accordance with the behest of an Oracle- Bangwan
Chains of gold desecrated on the ground lay                                    
While souls, hybrid in flesh, turned baby dolls. –Desmond
Sweet tongue of ivory gold, bind me till my lowly eyes pop
Love or prison, Tom?-Vera

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  • Wood

    January 10, 2017 at 11:37 am

    I was really confused, and this answered all my qutseions.


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