Sour Sin
Poet!c Oracle

Lead me to the beach of paradise.
watch me build castles of better design.
At knee high, I did a lot of things vile.
Now I bask in light! Tis righteousness that flesh must die!

Oluwaseun Okunlola
Free, unfettered, soaring, nothing held back or reserved.
No pleasure pot unfathomed. All pursued climaxes climbed.
Rode down all byways, charmed and kissed deep, wrung every last drop, swam every stream.
Infernal bowl without long spoon, teeth set on edge, blood curdling screams, cursing the whims, the broken hedge, the wild pursuits, elusive dreams.
Desmond Adeoye-Adetoba
Pleasures savored with the lingering taste of delight.                     
Yearning of intimacy with a hunger unquenchable.                            
The taste of the pudding and honeycomb relished.                             
Now the teeth is set on the edge and bleeding.                                 

Jimeta Umar
The sweet smelling savor made God appreciate the sacrifice
The burnt offerings, made it easy to please the gods
But the stench from a woman’s menstrual rag stained the blood 
For every sweet smell that cleansed us and every bitter truth, there was a sour sin. 

Rudolph Ruddapoet
Tongues from the shores of the sweet ocean of lies,
Parting the sands from the water behind metaphors that pours.
Let me lay here so you listen to some two headed lines with four spines
Break bones from the speech that has died.

Vera Bonny
I sin, am sin, born from a seed of lust, now lost,
Born bad, done bad, bombarded with ills,
Bore of my dour demeanor,
Daily I struggle to rid me of grimy slime, a process more sinful than I am.

Sam Ojiyi! 
So I crossed these diverse mountains
Down to enticing rivers and fountains
Not to wash sour sins nor to dip my feet
But to bathe in a sin of a taste so sweet
Bangwan Usman
Sin is sour.
Don’t try to sugar it.
Sin is sweet.
Don’t test it.

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