Witches and Heavens
Poet!c Oracle

Goblins, ghouls, witches and sorcerer
Come take me lord, sweet lord, to your high heavens
Even as goblins, ghouls, witches and sorcerers claw at my heart…
Mutilate my soul.
Oluwadamilola Hybrid

Wings by wings
Entities unseen
Hidden in the clouds
Their intentions conflict
Desmond Adeoye-Adetoba

Bloodstained skies sealed in the mud of squabbles.                          
Wings of witches and angels in a frenzy tango                                
Not of dance and merry flapping;
Heaven is down on earth and a battlefield. 
Rudolph Ruddapoet
Heads upon the stars from where night stalled
Drumming from the graves, shattered barriers of death
Out on a broomstick and headed for heaven
The one with black hat, that glided on the winds like a raven.
Vera Bonny
Spirits of angels, spirits of heaven,
I beseech thee, snatch me from the witches coven,
With my blood amulets and portions make,
Upon the witching hour spells conjure, searching every ounce of my will to break.

Oluwaseun Okunlola
Call me witch if you have itch, or square, queer, sphere or cube.
Apparently I am the flame burning on your tube
Make my pire if you desire. Haven have I in heaven.
Come cease this drivel. Let live. Be civil. Silence the lying devil.

Sam Ojiyi
She didn’t just fly with it, she used it to sweep me off my feet.
With perfumes and potions, intoxicated and bewitched;
I would lie there all night til seven, within her kegs.
She’s a witch with heaven between her legs.

Leonell Echa
If God so loved this world that he chose to save a witch
And beneath the stick from between those flies wasn’t hevin
Torture knew holier:between two seas and the lies told of little foxes
Would the body be in bed or in Pandora’s boxes?
Andrew Patience
It’s too late to remember the taste of water, 
As night has become grey and no more our sun or moon, 
It’s too late to live and die at will, 
Heaven is neither friend nor foe, 
It’s just the heaven that will never be our haven.
Bangwan Usman 
Flying towards the heavens,you spied and took my loved ones away from me.
Now joy is a stranger.
Looking up to the heavens a voice reminded me that we will all go back to where we belong.
Now joy is a life partner.

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