David Oracle Onotu

There is much that i cannot clothe with words
There is much more
That only sighs can unveil
Now that you’ve left me.

Umar Jimeta

Like a lone wolf, i have no need for a pack
Like a misfit, I welcome the benefits of a pariah
Like you and me, there is time that we will depart
Like every beginning, there is a finish to every start.

Leonell Echa

He drove back home to set it straight; his life was bent a minute
He didn’t go into that space to go embrace a menace
But like Medusa she was staring and his gaze was in it
They found his body on the balcony stoned in his vomit

Bash Amuneni

hush, velvet, pause, thoughts
innuendo giving per second
vaulted concrete,spatially sumptuous
to a hollow,frow,clawing and longing

Northpriest Judha

It’s been a While he spoke to himself,they’ve not being in peace.            
The more he soaks in routines, the more he lessen’s to be at ease.          
Crowded in the inside,he searches out from the multitude.                  
But What’s the point of being alone in the absence of solitude?                        

Prudence Obadan-Enujiofor

Our souls bathed
In the sea of silence
We savoured the peace and basked in the ambiance
Knowing it was the most we could afford

Ruddapoet Rudolph

Sweat drops from the colored watered glass of heart
shattering the innocence of the white night,
let us find the absence of words and spit shady guts
So I become a metal rusting upon reticent wrought.

Oluwadamilola Hybrid

Hide me away in your arms
Like sand away hides a wildflower
In perfect time,  let me thrive
I’m a flower that is yet wild.

Anre John

Seeking serenity in this aloneness
Craving calm for my spirit wrestles
High on a quiet hilltop I’m devoid of solitude
My muse is lost divorced from my pack of weed

Vera Bonny

The muted somber sky, poked its face at me,
And i like a snail, retreated back in a coil, my secret hiding place,
somewhere from afar, drowning voices, mumbling lips,
Darkness eluded me, it was a close call.

Sam Ojiyi

The poet mused as a solitary shadow danced on the wall beside.
A flickering flame had hot wax rolling down it’s sides as the candle cried.
The freedom to be anything; to gladly embrace one’s insanity.
For far too many disregard the gift of solitude and clarity.
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