Oluwadamilola Hybrid
Mirror mirror
Who is the fairest of them all? 
Loser, conqueror. 
Both wielded a sword. 
Bash Amuneni
paint me in contrasting shades ; nifty and clear
pluck at the underside of conscience
and loop the world to heed
the chilling chatter beyond these cracked walls 
Andrew Patience
Hide not the scar beneath my smile
The stitches of masked furry. 
Loosen the wounds, free my scorching pang, 
I want this pain, allow me as I am, 
For through your shade I’ll find a better morrow.
Rudolph Ruddapoet
We are both synonyms of the same picture
Hiding in the facade of a colorless mind
Order your fury, hurry and bury
What we shadows only use as clairvoyant arrow

Leonell Echa

One is bitter leaf
Another bitter-loafer
The third questions you
The fourth splits into two
Desmond Adeoye-Adetoba

Mirror mirror exposing man and his horror
Warrior warrior whose weakness lies on the mirror
Mirror mirror a reflection of the deep self
But avoided a glance like a dreaded elf
Vera Bonny

Sadness danced in the corner of my eyes
A reflection of the pain within
My distorted image from long hours of the stares
A fiery phantom I’ve become
Prudence Obadan-Enujiofor
She begged to stay
The girl from my past
I gauged the gain
And cut her loose
Sam Ojiyi
My worst critique labeled me a misfit.
Such a slimy character to nitpick; so fish skin.
So I switched it, broke the mirror on the wall.
And woke up in the emergency ward with a broken jaw.
Jennifer Dafwat
Mirror mirror
What reflection do you see?
Will I be pretty as a swan
Or live all my days in this dreamed castle?

Anre John
Emotions welled from within its heart
It had been there when she was a child with pure intentions
When she danced after her welcome to womanhood; an event it witnessed
Heart broken, it looked at an impostor claiming to be that child

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