Dear Diary
Leonell Echa

Dear Diary,
With Vera as Captain the case has been different
You’d either take it Hot and Cold, or have a Longing to Seize the day!
And this is not the worse she can do.

Vera Bonny
Dear Diary,
Last night I didn’t sleep a wink,
With every creeping sound my heart doth sink,
Hence, i stayed awake in bed with tick-tock, 
In sync we counted seconds in  sing-song.
Oluwadamilola Hybrid
Dear Diary, 
Again, darkness slit my gut
I told tales of all that was
Now in the hands of a foe
My secrets lay whole. 
Bash Amuneni
Dear dairy 
Rheums from yesterday’s guts 
teased the sanity of noon
like a staple too heavy for simpleton 
our romance was severed before east ravaged west
Rudolph Ruddapoet
Dear Diary,
I hate poets,
Especially those whose words  are neither black nor white.
I hate those who can’t write a line without a rhyme,
And also those who perform as if God knitted words on their lips.
Prudence Obadan- Enujiofor
Dear diary
Should I equate thee with man?
Thou art more trustworthy and thy beauty fastened beneath the pleats of your silence
So long as we both shall live
Thou art an ally and mine to keep
Northpriest Judha
Man can let the abstract inanimate Take the place of God.                     
Dislike ugly,Dislike hate,throw out repulsion to hate grudge.                 
My ethics don’t dictate to whom i show care.                                    
You don’t relate with people around, why call the diary a dear?    

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