Carpe Diem
Desmond Adeoye-Adetoba.
What profits a life cocooned in a shell?                               
Armoured shields or gifts of years unmeasured?                                 
Life within the frame of a confined space                                      
Is not sealed to the death that seeps through life.                                                 

Oluwadamilola Hybrid
A wrong choice uses up a life
Success is a truth as could be a lie
I’ll take my chances Hang by the 
faintest possibilities that you’d be mine. 
Rudolph Ruddapoet
This is me rocking the empty chair wielded for royal bloods,
a rooster dealing with the cracking hours of day as the second hand fetches today’s tomorrow.
I would have a rhyme of rhythm in time when the last mine of my kind go extinct and thoughts are white and tint.
These words shall be antonyms of another page, when a tomorrow curse is a usual cost.

Northpriest Judha 
Behind is yesterday
Tomorrow’s not sure,                             
Take hold of today                                   
If you must get more.                             

Oluwaseun Okunlola
Hanging over air by a hair’s thread is the soon and yet to come
Standing in the midst of the present hardened by time and what is gone
Neither is the place to be or the place where to perform.
Just here, just now is all there is. Seize it and choose its form.
Prudence Obadan-Enujiofor
Stiffle fear en Strangle doubt
Burst loose en Revive strides
Yesterday is dead Today you have
Grab this prey en Subdue it
Leonell Echa
Carpe diem 
Aprovecha el día de hoy 
cueille le jour 
cogli l’attimo
Vera Bonny
Stop being calculative, perfection is for gods to strive,
Mistakes are yours to make mere mortal,
Do not be afraid of the sun, bask in it,
and when you are all bones and grey, you will tell of how you passed through life,  and not life through you.

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