Sam Ojiyi
Desires burned to ashes in fires and blew away with the wind
Love gave birth to biting obsessions and the pain of labor they bring
Stretched beyond the perception of  being a misunderstood fiend
Poetry in motion drowned in oceans of love potions, she is…
Oluwadamilola Hybrid
Your body.. 
Curves and edges 
A longing.. 
To carve and smoothen
Anre John
Saliva rushes down my throat, once again
My sense of smell enslaved in wait, once again
Rumbling insides, I feel Pavlov’s canine felt no less a pain
when will it done, ease my longing Ma, bring the gizzard and fried plantain
Oluwaseun Okunlola
From subterranean chasms not called, not sought,
Through labyrinthine mazes that test resolve.
Past options for choices, alike, but not.
Only one call calls us and none, nothing more.
Leonell Echa
I’m a bird
That means i must fly
If ever the sky thinks unreachable 
The only way to give in is to die. 

So I sit by the east direction of my soul facing the sun.
My hand quivers in sync to the creaking sound of my mind lost in the whirlwind.
Still trying not to fail this mission of either living or dying by this love.
Depressed, broken, faded, naked, my soul was left twisted in the wind longing.
Vera Bonny
With every beaming smile, I blush,
Every single thought, relish,
I long for things my lips shudder to tell,
Do not over think, you can never guess.  
Prudence Obadan-Enujiofor
My strands grew wet
My twin balls concurred
Tears reached for my throat
As I looked toward south craving my home

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