Unconditional II

you think people love because they got love in their hearts? Do you think
people give because they got a penchant for giving? Do you think people smile
because they’ve lost their frown proxy? Do you think people think the way they
think because that is how they are supposed to? There is always a condition for
our actions that boots us to play, pause,
stop and replay
. The condition of the SELF-‘…this is what I stand to gain
if I…and everyone would know that…’ Milan Kundera said,’ the basis of shame
is not some personal mistakes of ours, but that this humiliation is seen by
UNCONDITIONAL knows no humiliation. The UNCONDITIONAL bothers less about what
the hood might say. The UNCONDITIONAL loves and gives unconditionally. The UNCONDITIONAL
does not predicate actions on any conditioning. The UNCONDITIONAL does not have
a role model because a role model steals you and gives you a conditioning that
climbs a ladder with a facade, and the next minute, you don’t have, own or know
yourself no more. The author Francois de la Rochefoucauld wrote,’ we are so
accustomed to disguise ourselves that in the end we become disguised to
all got problems. You wake up this morning and you hate on a brother. A
brother’s already got problems too and you hate on him. That literally means
you got a double problem: your problem plus the problem of the brother you
hating. Why can’t we just be what we are and not what we are expected to be? If
i’m malicious and it’s favorable, that does not make it a theme park for you. Why
do you always follow my lead? ‘What would i have done without you?’ you say to
me. Were we tied by the same umbilical cord? That means prior to your programming,
you did a whole lot without me. Why can’t we just see how imperfect we all are
and stop idolizing? ‘If men could only
know each other, they would neither idolize nor hate’
-Elbert Hubbert

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