Bernice & Leon
I love the voices of children’s noise in the morning as they
prepare for school.
I love it when we both feel like ten year olds and role-play
our parents and laugh until true tears appear.
I love it when I look you in the eye while eating your meal,
and realizing this is what I wanna do; eat your love.
I love it when you’re alright and never sad, cos, sad is
badly designed to steal every voice including your glad, and getting misery won’t
be that hard when you’re Silent, Angry and Dead [SAD]
I love it when I say the words ‘I Love You’       with spaces like this, because I DO NOT
wanna choke you with ma never ending disturb, even when you want it.
I love it when we start out with a pillow fight at the end ‘o
the night, while not being too careful in the brawl not to bite, but to a
candle light start because only then do we see the glow in our genuine hearts
I love the beauty of your eyes
I love the grace of your lips
I love the beauty that emanates on your face
I love the love that beats from your heart
Unto the outside of your body
Here’s what you do to me;
Tape my mouth and tie my hands behind my back
T’is like hearing Michael’s Speechless
For the number one time
…Leaving me helpless.
I love it when I hear your kind words echo in the closest
reverb of the beating drums in my ears, every line repeating itself like
beautiful refrains remains when the music reminds you that this love you own is
a gain again to contain again lovely loving quatrains of emotional water
droplets that sounds like the timeliness of a needing pouring rain.
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