I hate
People who wanna seat
in front rows
And leave you to seat
at back rows
Because maybe they
paid mo and you paid less, so
U deserve less than they
do more.
I hate
People who wear
head-phones and try to talk to you so loud
Like you’re the one
who’s deaf
When in actuality,
they are because
They can’t even hear
a thing they are trying to say to you
And they do not even
care anyway…
I hate these people…
People who wear suits
on interviews
To make you feel like
you just came to tend their gardens
Cos of course you
live in different buildings so you got different views
Like shoes aint the
same every time you wear them cos they aint new…
I hate ‘em all…all of
I hate
People who have the
capacity to help a brother
But they don’t even
Cos they could pity a
fuel tank more than another
So, here’s the
process in which they order:
Family first,
especially with siblings,
A mother and a
father, and if you are relatives
Don’t bother…cos
When a brother ain’t
even got the previous night’s dinner except his hunch to eat,
To keep him alive at day
and maybe through the night when he can’t even find a seat,
That’s when you grow
a burning desire to wanna throw people naturally into a pit, so quick,
It could happen
faster than a mouse click.
I hate these
People who report to
their jobs too early
They wanna make you
get fired by your boss who gives you a query
And eventually hands
them his company keys.
People who spend so
They buy toys that
seem to speak to you
And say you can never
do these for your kids.
People who appear on
covers of magazines
To always remind you
of how ugly you is
And how you really
need not need to eat, and…
That just makes me
hate people…Naturally…
I hate people who
wanna counsel you during HIV/AIDS test sessions
Cos they really wish
you’d be positive
So their sermon won’t
be wasted on your ass…
And that’s like a
preacher really wishing that you’d go to hell
So the lord will know
his ministry also had a snitch
Because they are
quick to back it up with the phrase:
Out of every twelve…
And I hate co-workers
who still go on to ask you
“So you really got
fired?” after just reading the letter.
I hate people who
wanna cry at every funeral
That they make you
sitting beside’em
Look so heartless
because you do not join’em
To help’em back’em up
like a choir
Struggling on a note
at a requiem.
I hate people
pretending they wanna
Give you your Nickel
After making you
bring down 3 doors
With 12 stones
They’re gonna walk 33
And climb over Paul’s
To make Jennifer not
take her Son outta the hood
Cos her neighbors
would miss her or maybe brood.
I hate
I hate people who say
They hate it when
people use capital letters inappropriately
But it’s not that
they are pedantic
It’s just that these people
complaining are extremely case-sensitive.
Now shouldn’t I hate
people who wanna just give you a hug
Because that’s what
happens when they need connections and you’re the plug?
Or gimme a reason why
I shouldn’t hate ladies who always need a clown
To help’em substitute
their frown, since that’s the only thing they do
Besides choosing a
wedding gown
Cos that’s what
happens when they need a sense of humor and you’re the clown.
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