Grey Area


When you came
All the way by road
From Ghana to Nigeria
I didn’t know how to receive you
Because we were so close in school
It was easier for two foreigners
To find each other
And render a service
Based on perception
Of what we need
I needed to protect you
From folks who lure you away for days
To camp in.the beautiful beaches
Of the African open heaven.
I didn’t even know your course of study
But i came back home
And one day, you appeared
I was more worried than happy
To see your ever smiling face again
I didn’t know what to feed
A white Canadian girl,from Calgary
In the jungle town of Ibadan.
One morning,you woke up and bid me goodbye
I took you to the park
And came home to cry
And right under my pillow
You left a book for me
‘Black and White In Love
By a black Cameroonian writer
From where i got my style
Of writing till date
I lost you though
For it was that time
Love and closeness was based
On what and who you see.
We will not meet again
Not likely
Most unlikely.


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  • QueenB.

    September 8, 2022 at 5:08 am

    Grey area indeed. Awesome ✨


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