there’s a whole world you haven’t…

I’ve been walking one hundred and eighty degrees
Mostly abased with my head down
This lane has my scent memorized
With a familiarity that is breeding something
I have my head in books and films
To have a glimpse of the other side of the coin
Do I have to offer a precious sacrifice to see?

look long,
sunk in,
breathe deep, take another drag in.
I am in this with no remorse
or purse of rivers
no pockets of stories.
there’s a lie only your name can untell’
a village whisper in a cemetery of trumpets.
only those with souls of water can listen
only those with the flesh of the ground can heal.

I am an uncompleted project
Whose spare parts are not readily available
A glamorous job of a great king
Whose resources are unfathomable
There is a whole world you haven’t seen in me
Is it the soul that manufactures happiness
Or the me that places smiles on your lips
Be careful now, the scorpion places the poison on his tail

Vera X Ruddapoet X Bose

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