there’s a whole world you haven’t…

There is a whole world you haven’t seen
Not the one underneath my thighs
A world filled with honey drips
Ivory for you to dive into.
A world where our bareback are the only things we lay on,
Over the silk sheets.
Knees to the ground, in prayers
My mouth speaking your word in prints
Veins and mascara tears.
Your outsides in my inside
Moving in sync with the diamonds in the middle of my thighs.

and if your toes don’t curl, call me out
I’d quench my thirst from between your legs
twirl my tongue on the borders of your nipples
I’m the truth – trust me with my thrusts
let’s dance to the jigida on your waist
as it whistles, claps, stomps, and sings
let us ‘we shouldn’t be doing this till you become a fountain
spraying, sprinkling, rushing, and pouring
I’d swallow a hill, to climb from behind this hill
I’d listen to you mourn the past and moan the moment
let’s end with deep breaths and inquisitive eyes
leave the eavesdropping wall mad at their blindness.

Wildkhard [TA] x Paulyn

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