For one another


What colour is my nose?

With a face that matches the name
baritone in sync with the Adam’s apple
Crunchy as an apple;
With this one, it is always crunch time
Crunch crunch, words, and sentences;
Rolling out in paradoxes and nonexistent figures of speech
This innovator! Particular about color,
I wonder if he has a nose fetish too.
Fetish or not, he does not stop
A poem that lives, creates, and breathes.
I am envious of that consistency,
The flame amazes me, amuses me, and inspires me the same.
What’s a voice box without a poet,
What’s a poem without crooked words,
Not the bone of contention here.

– Hybrid, thegodfactorr

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One comment

  • QueenBeeba

    January 13, 2022 at 11:05 pm

    Nice words, that keeps me appreciating poetry oh! They inspiring too


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