Do something,
You’re fading in memories you don’t belong to
Sinking in oceans
I can swim to the shores
Trying harder, keeping the faith, as i lie to myself.
Against myself and humanity, i have sinned
Take me to church
Let me worship and cast spells
A man will be my death
I can neither keep nor love
But i want one to stay
I’ll feed him truth which isn’t pleasing
But he will devour them in sugar coats
Love filled intimacy because that’s where all emotions reside
In the core of my ivory tower, if he will dive
I’ve been wasting too much time trying
You’re not mine
To keep or to love, i am terrible at both
But if you want climaxes
I’ll dig deep into your skin and soul
Faded and off the clouds, hitting the sky
Unforgotten like the moon on starless nights
Then do find me in the deep end
And I’ll take you there.


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