Make It Stop

If we have to cry for the clouds to open, we have cried. If we have to mourn for people to return, we have mourned. If we have to stay up all night for prayers to be answered, we have been the moon. If we have to talk to the sun to see God, we have been the rays.
If a father can look into the eyes of his daughter and be aroused, he is the devil. If an aunt chooses to tell her underage nephew to pull down his trousers, she is the devil. and there are so many other devils.
God. I saw you the other day in the market. I know you are the air that goes everywhere and the conscience in everyone’s heart. I wrote you a mail the other day but you didn’t respond. I sent you flowers last summer and I know you liked the scent.
Mother nature. I don’t know how you intend to but this is our home, and yours too. These unconsented strokes and moans – please, make them stop.

Tomide Abdul

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