Response to Lyambee Aorabee’s “Faisal”


Lyambee Aorabee
—for Abdullahi

I saw the wrath
of your zipper
when we stopped
for a piss
in Mayo Dassa.
The bald kuka tree
gave up its birds
when you howled in pain
and walked back to the bus
like a calf
singing a strange surah
with your
I am tired of waiting
to bathe you in the Benue.
Tired of waiting
to walk the quarries with you
like two nomads
searching for the roots
of the sun.



The travelers

Remember our travels?
About your zipper travails
Your bladder
Needs ‘bulala’
You my friend
Need more patience
Than your piss
The piece that
Holds your peace
How you imprinted
Upon the forest
Memories of terror
Dear traveler,
Forget your screams
Like a pleasant dream.

You know how we play
Like two homeless birds
Flushed with patches of white
The map of the Harmattan
Remember the ‘kara kara’ marks
Like whips about our back
We piss while we swim in the Benue
I want to go back to that time again.


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