On my mind

The grasses are getting taller again
Blocking the road to the centre field
The ploughman must pass a checklist
I recorded some victories today,
But there’s no one to tell
So I let the news boil within me.
Lately I dream of falling in love
Has my picture made it to Shiloh?
I refuse to swim in shallow thoughts
The deeper ones threaten to swallow me.
I need a four-wheel drive
For long drives while the city sleeps
To behold its scenery and cool air to seep.
I long to try new clothes
Big names with fancy designs
Attend parties and do a sloppy soapy
I want my smiles to cash cheques.
Another day has come to an end
There is no one to tell goodnight
So I summon a phantom from my dream
And will him to do my bidding.


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