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Once upon our luvie duvie
Lick me over till my body is sore
Let your fingers merge into my softness
Put your wet finger in my warm wet hole
String it like a guitar let’s make a sweet melody
Uh’s and ah’s in semi circular lip formation
Teach me a trick or two about tongues
The twirling in circles on rising mounds of flesh
Let your thoughts pry my mind open
Invade my sanctimonious secrets sincerely
Your intellect pour on mine in dark humour
Stroke my hair like a China doll about to receive a lullaby
Call me names that melt my inside
Kisses are the keys to make me rain
Latch and feed on me like baby in a greedy and insatiable way
Nose to nose, close your eyes and drink me in
Want me, have me and more of me
Starve my itching thighs to the final moment
Before you drive me to a sweet resolution
The end of another body quaking beginning.


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