My Wins, My wins, My wins


Look at this girl
Who responded to an advert
“If you can dance
If you can sing
If you can act
Come to Ori Olokun Ile ife”
I came , I saw ,I conquered.
The Daily Times said,
“The most amazing Queen Ojuola of The Gods Are Not Blame.”
Ola Rotimi wrote Sikira for me in
Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again
Then I fell in love with dance
And it took me on a journey
To Legon to train
To Alvin Ailey in New York,
For modern dance.
Children’ of paradise in FESTAC
How many of adepele’s teeth one count
The normal ones  or
The ones that grew on top.
When my son was one
I was a model in Stuttgart, West Germany
When my daughter clocked one,
I was changing flights in Alaska
On my way to perform in Japan.
One day in December
Of one year I cannot remember
Leopold Senghor gave me an award in Senegal
For playing Noliwe in his poem, Noliwe
A perfect picture of stillness
Ah, you think that I never loved her!
And she danced
First a son
Then a daughter
Another daughter.


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