In Experience

I was the expected child that came unexpectedly
I’ve held positions I never had to contest for
I lost my innocence to the thorns of life
I tell you sincerely, I was forced to grow up
Once I was a victim of love
Twice I became a victim to that same kind of love
I bought my freedom with water from my eyes
I love the woman I am unbecoming, and becoming
I‘ve been scared to fall asleep, lest a gun wakes me
I’ve seen people die from asking why
I’m determined more than ever to match with the stars
I learned patience the hard way, through bleeding heart and palms
I’ve heard voices in my sleep that now visit while I’m awake
I’ve had some dark days with an endless storm
I once thought mercy was fictitious face
And only one snap of a finger could lift my gloom
I have found laughter again
I witnessed gold rise up from the dust
I will testify through the open veil of my eyes
I have stories that lurk within me
I found myself before I knew me.


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