The Plague


From furtive fronds to feverish fish,
Giant maggots and the bellows of bloated bees.
Fruits and birds falling off trees,
Reptiles, beasts moving out like shadows.
And the goats and dogs in fine skeletons proceed

Forgive the flaws of the self-acclaimed perfect man.
He is blind to the tip of his own nose.
The tuxedo was borrowed from a laundry man.
The suitcase he carries can’t contain his problems.
Yet he wakes up everyday to engage in fraud (Frodd) like he is a big brother housemate.

We all feel the stench, but simply ignore it
We all carry the sore, but our clothes hide it
We all have the symptoms, but chose to neglect it
We all need help, but won’t request for it
We are all plagued, but we just want to live with it

This stubbornness of yours, I pray
to simmer down and stay away.
Coolness to cover your pride, I hope.
For you travel down a deadly slope.
Your pride will bring the plague, I fear
Cease for the sake of peace, my dear.

I know some sufferers
Whose diseases aren’t bacterial
These sufferers don’t go febrile
Antibiotics cure bacterial plagues
Even bullets can’t cure human plagues, Be wary


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