Daybreak brings to life everything:
Caged birds, bread bakers, deserted dreams,
Road rage and rashes, weary workers and wanderers
Into a careful confusion, a chaos in order
Worn like a coat only removed by the dead of the night.



Thus it has always been,
the sun rising with problems
and the dark sets with comfort.
Worries accompany the light,
and ease, comes with the night.
Thus it has always been.



I blindly called you my enemy
I separated our mahogany bench with a chalk line.
Marking a military zone with you even when we share the same skin colour.
Our class teacher, Mr Okanla stood upright on the assembly ground to break the news of your demise.
The cold hands of death took my seat mate. Your demise woke me up! It’s daybreak.


As the rat returns to its burrow
As the bat flies back to its place very hollow
The day breaks to reveal joy and sorrow
We will return these life that we have borrowed
Many won’t see the daybreak tomorrow.


Each time I jump into bed and close my eyes I get scared
It’s true that some people die in their sleeps
Each time the cock crows I get scared
Why do people still jump into death’s trap even though the sun shines so bright?
I’m confused, What do I want from God?


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