Ocean Breeze


Afro hair glistened with sweat
Sea salt winds and well deserved rest
Sandy beaches, naked toes
A pinã colada to quench my woes
Oh how I miss the ocean breeze



The East side evenings come with ease
Warm or wet, the weather is wild
Clouds coolly caress. We cease
To remember rumours when we dream like a child
In this air of colour and wind, we wind.



The gush… The rush…
My world went down in one flush…
I blew my winnings in a flash…
I lost my gains and i have a lust for my end…
A Lamborghini is useless on water…


Traveling over this wide body of water
Straight unto my light body of a mortal
Carrying auras of salt and sand in abundance.
Whistling palm trees and crashing of waves over one another
Awakening all of my senses to reach for few miles yonder.


When the sight of the oceans touched my eyes
With the sight of its waves touching the ceiling of the skies up high
Quenching my quest for a thirst
Testing my thirst for a quest
The coolness of its breeze sensually caressed my edges…


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