Ego Removed

Shame is sheer arrogance
That bruises shallow pride
Before the fall, we get a chance
To without ego decide
To ask hubris to wait outside.



Akin to losing a limb
And the loss of feeling
Is this ego of mine,
rendered incapacitated.
I find no joy in its absence



Behind this slammed door are teary eyes
An innocent soul not made for his fiery lies
A fury hot enough to severe the merry ties
With a remorseful heart he says the first “hello”
Trailed by a warm hug that removes his ego



Severe decapitation of my pride
I feel the agony of a headless chicken
For what is a who? Who is a nobody
Nobody will give me aid but they will offer me H.I.V
My name is Diego and my ego just took a flight to destination unknown



Every man is a rusted gold cage
Carrying a tradition from the ice age
Holding captive a culture so ugly
When it scents like pride we appreciate it
When it stinks like ego we disgust it.


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