My future in a nutshell

Fellow Nigerians, I congratulate you
Today marks the start of a new journey
I tell you, if one must succeed
He has to look for what to do, not what he has done
Our tale has been one riddled with ups and downs
We must begin to prepare for new stories
As we turn a new page on our sovereignty
We must think to turn a new leaf as well.

On this day I solemnly swear
To uphold the unity of our dear nation
On that note, we would birth a new nation
Each man rubbing a neighbours back
We must encourage our hearts to hold unto the future only
Where classes and divisions would be of the past
Let the past be found where only storms can go
Every human life is guaranteed absolute safety
This is not a promise to bring Eden back
While we talk and walk hand in hand
We can reach the stars, the moon
And maybe, discover missing solar systems.

Victor Oyedele

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