As Human As I Am

When a flower falls from a branch
It may survive a while and die
It just many not be noticed by the ranch
Only maybe by a dying butterfly.
As flowers in their magic wilt for a simple reason
My stem cuts and quits supply in different seasons
My follicles break.
Before i wilt and wither my membranes will ache.
I am beaten by the torrid rain
And accompany waste down the drain.
But when a seed falls it dies or lives
It is simple; it receives and gives
What serves as water could drown it
What serves as soil could bury it.
Some days i wake up a plant or a seed,
share my belongings or die of greed.
Be happy and sad at the same time
Be innocent and guilty of the same crime
When a flower falls from a branch it dies
When a seed falls it may only be a guise


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