At the end of it all…

You too should try living so you can at least say you tried
Quit stressing on the future you have no clues about ,
Breathe, live , love, read if it is your thing,
Be kind for it can go a very long way.
I am hoping you will be able to tell my story without a tear.

At the end of it all , I am hoping all of this makes sense;
The endless hustle to feed body and soul
Constantly seeking for truth but loving lies.
I am hoping that we all get what we don’t deserve for we are all bags of evil.
And all those efforts to cement , build , plan and transform , I hope they count.
Quitting the chase for lawlessness to die alone in our rooms ,on our beds.

When all of this is over, I want to know I tried,
I loved and got nothing or something or sleep.
To Happily die when death looks me dead in the eye
To count my blessings and drink to the losses.

At the end of it all, I hope we can all go to sleep in peace.


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