What Else Can The Alphabet Be?

A is Ann, the princess that loves ballet
B was the bulldog that went astray.
C are my cats eating all the king’s buffet.
D was a dandelion that blossomed Everyday.
E is the egg whose shell didn’t decay.
F, Frankenstein, stared at with dismay.
G the GOAT, Ewu, with a crown is display.
H is the hunger in that came with the drought in may.
I speaks Irish, a tribe in disarray.
J were the judges whose paths were out of way.
K is the kisses she sends when your head she’s about to slay.
L means learning to love in a way that is not cliché.
M are mostly murders committed in Bombay.
N was the Nurse that flung my infant away.
O is kind old Odesius whose crown was made of clay.

Younglan Louis

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