What Else Can The Alphabet Be?

A is for the affection we share,
B are barriers threatening our affair,
C is for care, the type you show: rare,
D is for different, my destined pair,
E is for emotions swimming in the air,
F is the friendship we will forever spare,
G are goosebumps you lay on my skin, bare,
H is my heart and your thoughts live there,
I am a reflection of your heir,
J is joy your feelings will always wear,
K is the knot we’ll tie, I propose, I declare,
L is love, love is you, flaws, I, love is fair,
M are those memories I can’t compare,
N to never leave you in despair,
O is an oath I won’t take, cause breaking, I won’t dare.

Wildkhard [TA]

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