As Far As Conversations Go

I’m tired of having you pay me daily,
I dey dream or na my ears dey pain me?
Get complete papers and use your seat belt always,
I be pro; who belit epp 4 dis lyf?
Do not fear the gun, think of your kids,
Isn’t it shameful that I shout on you daily?
Na true sha. But wetin make yu shange?
You earn little from this hired bus you drive,
How mush be ur own salari too?
Not much. I just want to do the right thing,
Wetin be di ryt tin?
For you to wear the belt for your life, not fear of me,
Oga, dis tok wey yu tok na tru,
I go go do my papers on Monday too,
Thank you for listening,
You go drink shekpe?
No, I drink only beer but not during work,
That’s another attitude you should stop,
I don hear, I go dey onli drink am 4 nyt,
Na my turn to kari passiga now. Later Oga,
My break too is over. Make me self go direct traffic small. Later

Wildkhard [TA]

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