As Far As Conversations Go II

Hello snooper!
Hey slimy!
I’m bored, entertain me
So, I found this paper today, it read “How to kill a cat”
Haha, funny, ever heard about my 9 lives
That’s myth right?
Ain’t no myths in animal planet.
Anyway, they’re taking you out
Who is?
The old lady
I’ve been here too long, I’m the old lady
Her grandchild’s coming in, she’s allergic
And how did you know this?
I was chewing the chair she sat on while she talked on the phone
You’re just a squeaking piece of crap
And I’m guessing you’re a slimy dead thing, I’ll be behind the door when the old lady uses your blood for a new potion
Yes, what do you think the book was for? She’ll have 9 lives when she drinks you
You son of a……..


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