Personal History

There’s nothing civil about a war
Or the thoughts brewing in my head.

They say this war was cold
I guess the front lines had more fire

Maybe that’s why I’m hot and cold
Where ice freezes another fire doused

I am the voice of millions
Silenced by grenades

Hurled up in my head
Looking for how to erupt

A refugee in my own body
Seeking shelter from this scourge

I am a diamond hiding
Within layers of melanin

Am I patient and resilient?
Or merely biding my time

Even after 27 years of age
My mood is a timeless pendulum

I never truly stop fighting
Until victory stands sure

Days metamorphosed into years
And my inner turmoil ceased

Then came independence
Liberating my mind from my body

I now stand formidable
All the chaos buried behind me.

Vera Bonny

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