Treasure Pods

Twice we did open
Our eyes to see
The house beneath the ocean
Where water covered the sea.
The chest at best was hidden
The ice was on the price
The pod was a good reason
To heed not to advice
A mob was employed
Thirsty and reel
Yelling out the gob
Diving to mass appeal.
Seventy or more men
With jackets and suits
In pursuit of what would be a loot
Like one inflamed with venereal appetite
Working on the id’s ego
Seventy or more men
And there were ten
Out of the water
The chest we thought was hidden was not
Only the intentions of man.
And then ten men
Down into the vault again
Out came two, and then eight
Floating on the surface
Cold as ice.
Seventy or more men
And there were ten
And there are none.
What did the vault do to them?


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